Debian Extended LTS by Freexian

This service provides security support for Debian 7 Wheezy, albeit only on the subset of packages used by the customers of this service.


This service is an extension of the regular Debian LTS support already managed by Debian contributors funded by Freexian with the money collected among many sponsors.

To make this possible and sustainable, there are supplementary restrictions:

  • we support only the packages used by the sponsors
  • we don’t support the Linux 3.2 kernel in wheezy, the sponsors are expected to upgrade to Linux 3.16 from jessie (though we will likely provide a backport of the package)
  • we provide updates for the amd64 and i386 architectures only

Each sponsor provides the list of packages that it wants to see supported. Freexian makes an estimation of the workload (and thus cost) associated to each of those packages. The cost of each package is split among all the sponsors which are using this package.

Sponsors are invoiced quarterly for the exact amount needed to support their packages. The amount will vary as sponsors are leaving (or joining) the program. Each sponsor defines a time limit and/or a quarterly cost limit.

Given the initial feedback, we expect this service to be active for at least one year (until June 2019 that is) but possibly longer depending on customers interest.