Vulnerable source packages in the elts suite

nvidia-cuda-toolkit (non-free)CVE-2020-5991not yet assigned?
openldapTEMP-0000000-DD4835not yet assigned?
phpmyadminCVE-2020-26934not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-26935not yet assigned?
qemuCVE-2020-27617not yet assigned?
sambaCVE-2020-10745not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-14303not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-14318not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-14323not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-14383not yet assigned?
CVE-2020-1472not yet assigned?
wiresharkCVE-2020-28030not yet assigned?
zeromq3CVE-2020-15166not yet assigned?

If a "*" is included in the urgency field, no DSA is planned for this vulnerability.

If a "**" is included, the urgency field was automatically assigned by the NVD (National Vulnerability Database). Note that this rating is automatically derived from a set of known factors about the issue (such as access complexity, confidentiality impact, exploitability, remediation level, and others). Human intervention is involved in determining the values of these factors, but the rating itself comes from a fully automated formula.

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