ELA-67-1 php5 security update

several vulnerabilities

Related CVEs CVE-2018-19518 CVE-2018-19935

Vulnerabilities have been discovered in php5, a server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language. Note that this update includes a change to the default behavior for IMAP connections. See below for details.


An argument injection vulnerability in imap_open() may allow a
remote attacker to execute arbitrary OS commands on the IMAP server.

The fix to the CVE-2018-19518 vulnerability included this
additional note from the upstream developers:

Starting with 5.6.38, rsh/ssh logins are disabled by default. Use
imap.enable_insecure_rsh if you want to enable them. Note that the
IMAP library does not filter mailbox names before passing them to
rsh/ssh command, thus passing untrusted data to this function with
rsh/ssh enabled is insecure.


A NULL pointer dereference leads to an application crash and a
denial of service via an empty string in the message argument to the
imap_mail function of ext/imap/php_imap.c.

For Debian 7 Wheezy, these problems have been fixed in version 5.4.45-0+deb7u17.

We recommend that you upgrade your php5 packages.

Further information about Extended LTS security advisories can be found at: https://deb.freexian.com/extended-lts/